thursday thirteen - family

Here we go again, this week is about family :)

1. I am originally from Windsor, ON but moved to Toronto seven years ago. Most of my family is   still in Windsor.

2. I have a younger sister.

3. My mom passed away awhile ago and she was adopted. I don't have any family on her side.

4. My dads side of the family, however, is quite large. Lots of aunts and uncles and tons of cousins.

5. My last name is Higginbottom - yes, Higginbottom. Surprisingly I didn't get made fun of for that growing up lol.

6. My dad and I both like to take photos and when I go back home to visit we go on photo adventures.

7. Dairy Freeze is a place we go to in the summer. They have such good food and ice cream.

8. Growing up I was closer to my dad.

9. We had a cat named Muppet and a few doggies.

10. I miss playing endless amounts of Super Mario and Donkey Kong with my dad

11. I miss the Christmas' growing up. The whole family would go over to my aunts and have a delicious dinner and hang out.

12. My dad, sister and I all went to the same grade school and same highschool.

13. I love my family very much.

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good things

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here is an inspiration board I put together of a few good things I've pinned on Pinterest.

1. Cutest fortune cookie change purse found on this blog.

2. Squirreled Away Tape Dispenser found on

3. La Sardina Beach Camera found here.

4. Copyright Wooden Stamp Set found over here.

5. Yummy looking ice cream found on this blog.

6. A 1000 Kinds of Stories found here.

7. And finally a camera USB. 

Have a great day everyone!! 


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Hello, everyone!
Lauren from The Elephant's Trunk is having an awesome giveaway! I donated my Palm Tree Bokeh print

Giveaway ends next Wednesday and you have lots of ways to enter. Good luck everyone! 


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My Heart belongs in san francisco

I visited San Francisco 2 years ago and fell in love. It's the perfect city and I would love to live there one day. I went through the photos I took on the trip and edited a few of them. I can't wait to visit again.

Lori's Diner = Amazing food!

Union Square

Looking up in Nordstrom

Waiting for the trolly

The pretty ceiling inside Forever 21

On of the nicest Forever 21's I've ever been in.

Enjoy! You can find some of the prints in my Etsy shop Urban Dreams Photography


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This is my first Friday Favourites. I will generally be taking things I like from the internet (mostly from my Pinterest) and posting them here every Friday. So let's get started.

This is the cutest owl necklace Jeff got me when he was over in the UK. I also got a smaller one as well :)

Next are these delicious looking chocolate frozen smores from Easy Baked. I could eat ten in one sitting!

Isn't this just the cutest wallpaper? I'm in love with it from Jeannie Jeannie.

And finally, these adorable macaron trinkets that you can find here.

Hope you enjoyed my Friday Favourites :)


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Thursday thirteen - romantic dates

Another Thursday, another Thursday Thirteen :) This weeks topic is romantic dates. I met my boyfriend, Jeff almost a year and a half ago and I've never been happier :) Even though we don't go on lots of romantic dates, we still have fun no matter what and I am happy just being with him wherever.
Listed below are things we have done and things I would love to do, enjoy!

1. Movie weekends. Usually every weekend or every other weekend we stay in, make popcorn and watch lots of movies. It's one of my favourite things to do with him.

2. Summer picnics. We had our first picnic a few weekends ago. 

3. Water park fun! We went to Canada's Wonderland last summer and the water park was my favourite. Hopefully we get to go again this summer.

4. Visit Toronto Island. 

5. Lots of beach days!

6. Bonfire nights with all the ingredients to make some delicious smores. 

7. I love our random nights of getting sushi and stuffing ourselves until we can't move.

8. Enjoying choco chills on hot summer days

9. Going on photo adventures.

10. I would love to go go-karting this summer

11. Visit the Toronto Zoo!

12. Week nights and watching endless episodes of LOST. 

13. Lazy Sundays doing absolutely nothing :)


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A-Z about me

I found this over at One Sheepish Girl and thought I'd give it a try. So here is an A-Z about yours truly :)

A. Age: 26. 27 on August 8th. :/
B. Bed Size: Queen.. I think?
C. Chore that you hate: Laundry. I hate it. A lot.
D. Dogs: Corgi!!! One day I wil one one and call him Pancakes.
E. Essential start to your day: Ummmm... I don't really have one. I kinda just start my day.
F. Favourite colour: Purple
G. Gold or Silver: Silver
H. Height: Pretty sure I am around 5'8"
I. Instruments you play: None. But in grade school I played the clarinet :p
J. Job Title: Currently don't have one. So depressing. Soon I hope to be working in a design firm.
K. Kids: One day
L. Live: Toronto
M. Mother's name: Lynn
N. Nickname: Meg..? I don't really have any.
O. Overnight hospital stay: When I had my appendix out back in grade 2. Hopefully never again.
P. Pet Peeve. Ha, way too many too answer. But I guess money commute during rush hour / the TTC
Q. Quote from a movie: "That's what I love about these high school girls man, I get older and they stay         the same age" - Dazed and Confused, one of my favourite movies.
R. Right of left handed: Lefty!
S. Siblings: Younger sister
T. Time you wake up: It changes everyday. Usually around 9am.
U. Underwear: ...yes, I wear underwear.
V. Vegetable you hate: Mushrooms!! So gross.
W. What makes you run late: I'm usually one time. If not, it's probably because I got super frustrated with deciding on what to wear for the day. That rarely happens though.
X. X-Rays you've had: Umm.. probably for my appendix and my teeth when I got braces.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Baked french fries or pasta
Z. Zoo animal: Zebra's, monkeys and penguins!!

That was easy enough!


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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I love space, it's so fascinating! Here is a recent treasury of mine with pretty etsy items.

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I love, love, love summer. Living in Canada we only get a short period of beautiful weather year round. So when spring and summer come around everything in life seems to get better. The hot weather, tanning, swimming, night walks, hanging at the park.. there's so much to do when the weather is nice. 

With that I've decided to write a post on what I want to accomplish this summer. Hope you enjoy it :)

1. Go to a water park
2. Attend lots of bonfires and make lots of smores. 
3. Visit the beach as much as possible
4. Concerts! Go to at least one or two
5. Take as many photos as possible 
6. Find a real design career
7. Go back home to visit
8. Have an awesome birthday! I'm turning 27...oh god. 
9. Go on picnics
10. Get a sweet tan

There you have it. My top 10 things to do this summer! What's on your summer to do list?


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monday inspiration

I didn't really have a theme with this board. I went to my Pinterest page and found things that made me happy. Enjoy!


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summer bogo sale

My photography shop, Urban Dreams Photography is having a Summer Bogo Sale until Friday May 25th! Don't miss out :) Urban Dreams Photography

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Summer Inspiration

The warm air, the sunshine, the jean shorts and sandals, there's so much about summer that I love. Here is a small inspiration board I put together.

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New Shop

I recently opened a new Etsy shop. Here are a few samples of what is available.

I love space and wanted to create a shop based off that. I added the 12 zodiac signs and currently working on adding my favourite places in the world. Custom orders are welcome :)

Visit MDASH here


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Muuuuusic Time

Who doesn't love music, seriously?! I found out about these guys from the movie "Going the Distance" with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, one of my favourite movies. If you haven't heard of them definitely check out their album, so good!


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California Dreamin'

I love California so much. I've visited Los Angeles twice and San Francisco once. The beaches, ocean, city life, I love it all. Here is a treasury I made dedicated to that great state.


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Thursday Thirteen

I first came across Thursday Thirteen when I was visiting Aunie Sauce's Blog. I've decided to give it a go. This week my Thursday Thirteen will be thirteen things I would have on a desert Island.

1. If I were stranded on a desert island my number one thing I would want to have is my boyfriend, Jeff. I would definitely need the manly strength for building shelter and getting food. And of course, he is awesome to hang out with and I love him to death.

2. Obviously, food. But if I couldn't have food than I'd want cooking supplies like pots, pans, forks, spoons and knifes. Possibly a BBQ?

3. Endless supply of fresh water.

4. Matches

5. My ipod. Music would make it a much more bearable situation.

6. Sunscreen. Definitely sunscreen.

7. Tent with a sleeping bag.

8. Bug spray.

9. My Mac Book with an endless supply of battery.

10. Cherrios! I love Cherrios. I would need to have my Cherrios.

11. Mr. Zebra. A big, pudgy stuffed animal that I've had for a long time.

12. Scuba equipment. I've never been scuba diving and if I am going to be stranded on an island then it would be the perfect opportunity to learn.

13. Finally, toilet paper and tampons. Those two things would make life a lot easier on an island.

That's it! Hopefully I can keep up this weekly tradition.


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