Thursday thirteen - romantic dates

Another Thursday, another Thursday Thirteen :) This weeks topic is romantic dates. I met my boyfriend, Jeff almost a year and a half ago and I've never been happier :) Even though we don't go on lots of romantic dates, we still have fun no matter what and I am happy just being with him wherever.
Listed below are things we have done and things I would love to do, enjoy!

1. Movie weekends. Usually every weekend or every other weekend we stay in, make popcorn and watch lots of movies. It's one of my favourite things to do with him.

2. Summer picnics. We had our first picnic a few weekends ago. 

3. Water park fun! We went to Canada's Wonderland last summer and the water park was my favourite. Hopefully we get to go again this summer.

4. Visit Toronto Island. 

5. Lots of beach days!

6. Bonfire nights with all the ingredients to make some delicious smores. 

7. I love our random nights of getting sushi and stuffing ourselves until we can't move.

8. Enjoying choco chills on hot summer days

9. Going on photo adventures.

10. I would love to go go-karting this summer

11. Visit the Toronto Zoo!

12. Week nights and watching endless episodes of LOST. 

13. Lazy Sundays doing absolutely nothing :)


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