thursday thirteen - family

Here we go again, this week is about family :)

1. I am originally from Windsor, ON but moved to Toronto seven years ago. Most of my family is   still in Windsor.

2. I have a younger sister.

3. My mom passed away awhile ago and she was adopted. I don't have any family on her side.

4. My dads side of the family, however, is quite large. Lots of aunts and uncles and tons of cousins.

5. My last name is Higginbottom - yes, Higginbottom. Surprisingly I didn't get made fun of for that growing up lol.

6. My dad and I both like to take photos and when I go back home to visit we go on photo adventures.

7. Dairy Freeze is a place we go to in the summer. They have such good food and ice cream.

8. Growing up I was closer to my dad.

9. We had a cat named Muppet and a few doggies.

10. I miss playing endless amounts of Super Mario and Donkey Kong with my dad

11. I miss the Christmas' growing up. The whole family would go over to my aunts and have a delicious dinner and hang out.

12. My dad, sister and I all went to the same grade school and same highschool.

13. I love my family very much.

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