Thursday 13 - favourite places & Where i want to visit

Happy Thursday everyone! Almost time for the weekend, although, I do have to work but what can you do. This weeks Thursday 13 is, Favourite Places.

1. Los Angeles. I've been twice and love, love, love it. I love the city, the beaches, and the hot weather all year long. My favourite was Santa Monica Beach and the pier.

2. Few years back I visited San Francisco for the first time and I fell in love immediately. The city is beautiful and I would love to go back soon or even move there. 

3. Vegas. I only went for a night after driving from LA but the short time spent was fun! The only thing I didn't enjoy was the hot, hot weather. It was almost to hot to handle. 

4. Miami. Nothing better than being on a beach and swimming in the ocean.

5. Algonquin. Northern Ontario is beautiful. I went during a high school trip and it was amazing to see and experience the calmness and peacefulness.

6. I would love to one day go to Europe. My top three choices would be to see Greece, Italy & Paris. 

7. Japan would be an amazing experience. The culture alone would be incredible to see.  

8. Hawaii. I need to go here. That's all there is to it.

9. New York City.

10. Chicago

11. Seattle

12. Bahamas

13. Australia

One day I hope I can travel a lot and take lots of pictures :)


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