thursday thirteen - favourite fonts

Hello, everyone!
Recently I have gone font crazy. I love finding pretty fonts to use in projects. So for this week I have decided to do my Thursday Thirteen on my Thirteen favourite fonts, in no particular order. I'm not even sure what my favourite font would be, it's such a hard decision.

Let's get started.

1. Frontage is currently one of my top favourites. I love being able to layer the font to a style you like.

2. Detroit is also another layered font with full customization. Definitely love the style of this font. 

3. Brandon Grotesque is up next with a super clean, sleek look to it. 

4. Graphique Pro is a great display font with lots of style and attitude. I'm currently using it for my blog banner :)

5. Neutraface comes with 71 different font styles. This font is amazing for display and body copy. 

6. Grizzly Bear is a fun typeface created by Match & Kerosene. 

7. Verner & Verna have a fun, unique style These two will also be on the top of my favourites.

8. Love Potion No. 10 is a cute, girly font. I have yet to use it in any projects but I love it's style. 

9. Gelato is a yummy looking script font. 

10. Cheap Pine 

11. Mr Moustache 

12. Mensch 

13. Ribbon 

There you have it. My thirteen favourite fonts. What's your favourite font?!


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